Alice in Bushwick: Organization XIV Re-imagines Wonderland Story

Chase that rabbit!

Alice, the ever-embattled protagonist of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” is embarking on yet another escapade. But to rendezvous with her, you’ll need to venture down that famed rabbit hole and catch a Brooklyn-bound L train. Your destination: the Jefferson Street Station in Bushwick. From there, it’s just a brief stroll to Theatre XIV on Troutman Street, where you’ll encounter the Caterpillar, Tweedles Dum and Dee, the Mad Hatter, and others in Company XIV’s revival of “Queen of Hearts,” kicking off previews on March 1st. And if you thought Alice’s exploits were bizarre before, brace yourself for an even wilder ride.

For the uninitiated, Company XIV offers singular theatrical experiences that blur the lines between highbrow art and lowbrow entertainment, blending circus arts, burlesque, classical ballet, opera, cabaret, and playful sensuality.

Return to Wonderland

“I’m excited to infuse Company XIV’s distinctive flair into Lewis Carroll’s cherished tale,” says Austin McCormick, the founder and director of Company XIV, who also serves as the evening’s choreographer. “Many patrons and performers hold a deep affection for the Alice books, and I’ve reimagined our rendition as a whimsical, decadent, and mischievous adventure.”

This 2024 iteration of “Queen of Hearts” marks Alice’s second appearance in Bushwick. “Our previous rendition of the show resonated strongly with audiences in 2019, becoming one of our longest-running productions at the time,” McCormick notes. “We’re thrilled to bring it back with even more surprises, original music, and delectable cocktails.”

The ensemble cast for “Queen of Hearts” features a cadre of versatile underground and emerging talents, including LEXXE, who not only portrays Alice but also penned the original music for the production. McCormick showers praise on his collaborator and lead performer.

“LEXXE, with her captivating performance as Alice and her exceptional songwriting skills, has crafted several fantastic original pieces,” McCormick enthuses. “Her classical training and musical instincts make her the ideal partner for this production. I’m eagerly anticipating the world’s introduction to her new compositions.”

  • McCormick eagerly anticipates infusing Company XIV’s unique style into Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale.
  • This 2024 rendition of “Queen of Hearts” marks Alice’s return to Bushwick after a successful 2019 run.
  • McCormick expresses excitement about enhancing the show with surprises, original music, and delightful cocktails.
  • The ensemble cast for “Queen of Hearts” showcases a diverse range of emerging talents, including the multi-talented LEXXE.
  • McCormick praises LEXXE’s captivating portrayal of Alice and her remarkable songwriting abilities.
  • McCormick eagerly looks forward to introducing LEXXE’s new compositions to the world.

McCormick’s Excitement

  • McCormick, the founder and director of Company XIV, eagerly anticipates infusing Lewis Carroll’s cherished tale with the troupe’s distinctive flair, promising a whimsical and mischievous adventure.
  • The 2024 revival of “Queen of Hearts” in Bushwick marks Alice’s second appearance, following a highly successful 2019 run, with McCormick excitedly promising even more surprises, original music, and delectable cocktails.
  • LEXXE, who portrays Alice and contributes original music to the production, receives high praise from McCormick for her captivating performance and exceptional songwriting skills, with anticipation building for the debut of her new compositions.

A Magical Spinoff

Established in 2006, Company XIV swiftly captured the attention of critics and aficionados alike. In 2017, after a decade of performances across various Manhattan venues, the troupe found a permanent home in a former plastics factory on Troutman Street, rechristened as Theatre XIV. This ingeniously transformed industrial space now serves as an intimate 150-seat post-baroque jewel box, evoking the spirit of vaudeville and the Belle Époque era of Paris, influenced by the court of Louis XIV.

Fast forward five years and weathering a pandemic storm, in 2022, while many artistic endeavors were downsizing, Company XIV expanded its footprint in Bushwick, opening a second venue just around the corner on Wyckoff Avenue in a former Depression-era junk shop. This new space, tailored for the ongoing production of “Cocktail Magique,” embodies a more intimate setting.

Lauded by The New York Times as “spellbinding,” “Cocktail Magique” transports audiences back to the Prohibition era. Alongside specialty cirque acts, this show embraces the spirit of a Coney Island sideshow, featuring juggling bottles, sword swallowing, knife throwing, and an abundance of cocktails seemingly conjured out of thin air.

The Bushwick Arts Legacy

Both venues operated by Company XIV enrich a neighborhood experiencing a cultural renaissance akin to the East Village arts scene’s heyday decades ago in New York City.

Visitors marvel at the larger-than-life street art curated by The Bushwick Collective, while House of Yes redefines nocturnal entertainment. A stone’s throw from Company XIV’s theater stands a newly constructed $2.2 million space dedicated to the experimental performing arts incubator, The Bushwick Starr. The producers of Company XIV readily acknowledge the pioneering role of these establishments in paving the way for their success. “We owe our entire enterprise to the cultural trailblazers in this neighborhood,” they affirm.

Company XIV’s Contribution to Bushwick’s Cultural Renaissance

  • Company XIV’s venues contribute to the cultural revival in Bushwick, reminiscent of the East Village’s artistic heyday.
  • Visitors are captivated by The Bushwick Collective’s monumental street art and House of Yes’s innovative nightlife.
  • The proximity of Company XIV’s theater to The Bushwick Starr, a new experimental arts space, highlights the neighborhood’s creative hub.
  • Company XIV’s producers recognize the crucial role of local establishments in shaping their success, acknowledging their debt to Bushwick’s cultural pioneers.

Indeed, Bushwick proves to be a wonderland.

Queen of Hearts and Cocktail Magique grace the stage five times a week, from Thursday through Sunday. For tickets, directions, and further details, visit the Company XIV website. Leave the youngsters at home, as both shows cater to a 21-and-over audience.

Amazing Beach Scenery & Relaxing Ocean Sounds

In the heart of Bushwick, where creativity thrives and innovation flourishes, Company XIV’s productions stand as beacons of artistic excellence. As visitors traverse the vibrant streets adorned with striking murals and pulsating with the energy of cultural revival, they find themselves drawn into a realm where fantasy and reality intertwine seamlessly. With each performance, Company XIV invites audiences to escape the mundane and immerse themselves in a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Queen of Hearts and Cocktail Magique, with their spellbinding performances and dazzling spectacles, captivate theatergoers five times a week, from Thursday through Sunday. To secure tickets, uncover directions, and delve into further details, patrons are encouraged to explore the Company XIV website, where a treasure trove of information awaits. However, it’s worth noting that these shows are tailored for a mature audience, beckoning those aged 21 and over to indulge in an evening of unparalleled entertainment and enchantment. So bid farewell to the ordinary, and step into the extraordinary world of Company XIV, where dreams come to life and reality fades away.

Alice in Bushwick: Organization XIV Re-imagines Wonderland Story

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