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NYC on Screen: A Tour of Iconic TV and Film Locations

Lights, camera, action! New York City, the muse of filmmakers across genres, has set the stage for countless memorable moments in cinematic history, from romantic comedies to action-packed blockbusters. For cinephiles eager to walk in the footsteps of their on-screen heroes, here’s your guide to the A-list of blockbuster locations. Let the cinematic pilgrimage begin!

McGee’s Pub: How I Met Your Mother
Step into the real-life inspiration for MacLaren’s Pub from the legendary sitcom How I Met Your Mother at McGee’s Pub in Midtown. This cozy Irish bar is not just a watering hole but a pilgrimage site for fans of Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin. Raise a glass in homage to your favorite gang of friends and engage in conversations reminiscent of those that unfolded in this beloved spot.

Pro tip: Order the “He’s Not Coming” cocktail, a delightful nod to one of the show’s most memorable running gags.

Katz’s Delicatessen: When Harry Met Sally

Step into the iconic world of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer by visiting Tom’s Restaurant on the Upper West Side. While the interior scenes of Seinfeld were filmed on a set, Tom’s Restaurant remains a pilgrimage site for fans of the beloved sitcom. As you approach Tom’s, you’ll instantly recognize the familiar façade that graced the screen during countless episodes.

Channel your inner Jerry and engage in witty banter with your crew over a cup of coffee and a classic New York sandwich. While the gang won’t be seated at their usual booth, the nostalgia and charm of Tom’s Restaurant make it a must-visit for those looking to experience a slice of sitcom history.

The Friends Apartment Building
Head to Bedford Street in Greenwich Village to find the building that served as the exterior for Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, and Ross’s apartments in Friends. While the interiors were shot on a soundstage, standing in front of this iconic building allows you to be part of the sitcom magic that defined a generation.

Fans of the sitcom flock to see the iconic façade – on any given day, you’ll likely find a small crowd gathered on the corner, posing for pictures and reminiscing about their favorite Friends moments.

The Met Steps: Gossip Girl
Ascend the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the glamorous lives of Manhattan’s elite played out in the TV series Gossip Girl. This Upper East Side landmark provided the backdrop for countless showdowns, make-ups, break-ups, and questionable 2000s-era fashion choices.

Here, fans of the high-society teen drama will find it easy to channel their inner Blair Waldorf or Serena van der Woodsen as they don their most stylish ensembles and have lunch on the Met Steps.

Magnolia Bakery: Sex and the City
Indulge in New York City’s sweet side and relive the stylish escapades of Carrie Bradshaw and her cohorts by visiting Magnolia Bakery, a West Village gem that gained fame through its role in Sex and the City. Its claim to fame are its cupcakes, the very same confections that became a symbol of indulgence for Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte.

Satisfy your own sweet tooth with one of these iconic treats, whose eye-catching adornments and unique flavor combos have garnered a cult following. While Sex and the City introduced Magnolia Bakery to the world, it’s the bakery’s commitment to quality that has kept visitors coming back for more.

Empire State Building
This iconic skyscraper has provided a backdrop for some of the silver screen’s most climactic moments. Known as a meeting place for romantics across time, the Empire State Building has played host to unforgettable movie scenes, from An Affair to Remember to Sleepless in Seattle.

Make sure to purchase tickets online in advance to skip the long lines and soak in the cinematic history of this landmark.

The Tenenbaum’s Townhouse – The Royal Tenenbaums
For fans of Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, a trip to Harlem will let you take in the grand exterior of the house that served as the Tenenbaum family residence. Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Anderson’s cinematic vision as you explore the streets surrounding this iconic location, where Anderson-esque eccentricity awaits on every corner.

For the most spot-on scenery, visit in the fall when the brownstone-lined streets are adorned with autumn foliage.

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