A Barefoot Luxury Guide to Vacationing in Tulum

Ultimate Local Luxury Travel Guide to Tulum

Tulum, situated along the azure shores of the Mexican Caribbean, has evolved from a humble beach village to an international hotspot for wellness, culture, and relaxation. Here’s your comprehensive guide to experiencing the best of Tulum:

Where to Stay in Tulum:

  1. La Valise: A luxurious hotel embracing Riviera-style living, offering beachfront and jungle locations with elegant design and top-notch service.
  2. Casa Bautista: A remote villa located on the beachfront within the Sian Ka’an natural reserve, offering unparalleled luxury and privacy.
  3. Nômade: Perfect for couples, this stylish hotel features double-floor suites, a beach club, wellness programs, and multiple dining options.
  4. Casa Malca: Once owned by Pablo Escobar, this eclectic hotel boasts a grand art collection, sumptuous spaces, and one of the best beach club experiences in Tulum.
  5. Rent a Villa in the Jungle: Experience luxury and seclusion in private villa properties like Hacienda Wakax, Casa de Agua, and Casa Shalva nestled in the Mayan jungle.

Where to Eat in Tulum:

  1. Arca: Offering modern Mexican cuisine by Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza, Arca is a sensory experience with delightful dishes and tropical mixology.
  2. NÜ: Slow-cooking techniques and organic produce take center stage at NÜ, offering sumptuous dishes in a stunning setting.
  3. Hartwood: Embrace old-school Tulum vibes at Hartwood, where the menu features fresh meats, fish, and vegetables cooked over an open fire.
  4. Casual Food: Explore Tulum’s culinary variety with options like Bowls de Guadalupe, La Pizzine, and Taqueria Don Honorio for authentic street food experiences.

What to Do in Tulum:

  1. Beach Activities & Yachting: Enjoy Tulum’s pristine beaches and turquoise waters, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and indulging in yachting adventures.
  2. Visit Ancient Ruins, Colonial Towns & Cenotes: Discover the rich history of the region by exploring Mayan ruins, colonial towns, and natural cenotes scattered across the peninsula.
  3. Wellness: Immerse yourself in wellness activities inspired by ancient Mayan practices, including spa treatments, yoga classes, temazcal sweat lodges, and more.
  4. Music Festivals: Experience the vibrant music scene of Tulum with international festivals like Zamna Festival and Day Zero featuring renowned artists and DJs.

The Best Nightlife in Tulum:

  1. Papaya Playa Project: Enjoy dinner and dancing until dawn at this beachfront venue with psychedelic-style entertainment.
  2. Casa Jaguar: Experience sultry cocktail vibes and epic parties at this atmospheric jungle bar, perfect for intimate gatherings.
  3. Treehouse: Join the guest-list-only mezcal bar for fantastic DJ sets and a tropical-meets-Scandinavian ambiance.
  4. Dinner Clubs & Party Spots: Dance on the tables and live out the ultimate Tulum party dream at Bagatelle, Rosa Negra, Gitano, and Ilios.

How to Get to Tulum:

  • Arrive at Cancun International Airport and enjoy a scenic drive to Tulum, or opt for expedited services and private transportation for a seamless journey.

The Best Time to Visit Tulum:

  • Tulum’s peak season is from late December to late March or April, offering sunny weather, seaweed-free beaches, and vibrant events.

The History of Tulum:

  • Learn about Tulum’s ancient Mayan civilization, its significance as a sea fortress, and its rich cultural heritage that continues to influence the region today.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Tulum offers a unique blend of luxury, natural beauty, and spiritual rejuvenation that promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

A Barefoot Luxury Guide to Vacationing in Tulum

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