The Best Caviar Companies in the US

When it comes to selecting the best caviar company, whether you’re seeking rare Osetra or preparing for a lavish party, there are several reputable options to consider. Each company offers a unique selection of caviar, ranging from traditional favorites to innovative varieties. Here are some of the top caviar companies to explore:

  1. Petrossian:
  • About: A prestigious brand known for introducing caviar to the Western world in the early 1900s. Offers a wide selection of caviar, smoked salmon, truffle-infused products, charcuterie, and desserts.
  • Specialty: Largest selection of caviar on the market, with seven different species available.
  • Noteworthy: Established reputation, extensive product range, and high-quality offerings.
  1. Black River Caviar:
  • About: Known for producing caviar with flavors comparable to wild caviar. Originated from an aquafarm in Uruguay, producing clean and rich-tasting caviar.
  • Specialty: Exclusive focus on Osetra caviar, offering various grades and limited releases.
  • Noteworthy: High-quality caviar with a unique flavor profile, sourced from mineral-rich waters.
  1. Paramount Caviar:
  • About: A favorite among top chefs and restaurants worldwide, offering imported and domestic caviar.
  • Specialty: Curated selection of “Michelin-starred caviar,” hand-selected by expert teams.
  • Noteworthy: Trusted supplier to prestigious establishments, renowned for quality and reliability.
  1. Marky’s:
  • About: Known for being the only company legally selling Beluga caviar in the US. Offers a range of specialty caviar, including gold Osetra and Kaluga caviar.
  • Specialty: Rare and exotic caviar varieties, including Beluga and white sturgeon.
  • Noteworthy: Unique offerings, including vegetarian seaweed “caviar” pearls, and a wide range of gourmet products.
  1. Bester:
  • About: A caviar company selling on Amazon, founded with the mission of making caviar more affordable and accessible.
  • Specialty: Direct-to-consumer sales, sourced from top organic producers in Israel and Madagascar.
  • Noteworthy: Affordable pricing, convenient online ordering, and high-quality caviar.
  1. Regiis Ova:
  • About: Founded by legendary chef Thomas Keller, offering a curated selection of caviar including white sturgeon, Siberian, Kaluga, and Osetra.
  • Specialty: Consistently high-quality caviar sourced from top producers around the world.
  • Noteworthy: Chef-owned company with a focus on quality and consistency, offering unique caviar experiences.
  1. The Caviar Co.:
  • About: San Francisco-based company founded by Petra Bergstein-Higby, offering a range of caviar varieties and accessories.
  • Specialty: High-quality caviar with a focus on sustainability and accessibility.
  • Noteworthy: Comprehensive selection, convenient packaging, and caviar tasting experiences.
  1. Imperia Caviar:
  • About: A direct-to-consumer caviar company based in Los Angeles, offering Royal Osetra and Kaluga Hybrid caviar sourced from eco-friendly farms.
  • Specialty: Simple and streamlined selection, with a focus on quality and accessibility.
  • Noteworthy: Easy online ordering, environmentally conscious sourcing, and limited-edition options.
  1. Pearl Street Caviar:
  • About: Brooklyn-based company specializing in caviar sourced from natural waterways with high water flow.
  • Specialty: Sustainable caviar options, including Siberian, Osetra, Kaluga, and trout roe.
  • Noteworthy: Commitment to sustainability, small-format tins for sampling, and diverse flavor profiles.
  1. California Caviar Company:
    • About: Founded by Deborah Keane, a pioneer of sustainable caviar production. Offers an extensive selection of caviar, including paddlefish, hackleback, and golden Osetra.
    • Specialty: Sustainable sourcing practices, unique caviar varieties, and a commitment to quality.
    • Noteworthy: Wide range of caviar options, focus on sustainability, and innovative products.

These top caviar companies offer a range of options to suit different preferences and occasions, whether you’re hosting a grand event or simply indulging in a gourmet experience at home. Explore their offerings to discover the perfect caviar for your next celebration or culinary adventure.

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