Best Hotels in Midtown NYC

Top Luxury Hotels in Midtown Manhattan

  1. Ritz-Carlton Central Park
  • Location: Near Central Park
  • Description: This grand hotel offers spacious rooms and impeccable service. Guests enjoy stunning views of Central Park, and the hotel’s La Prairie spa is renowned as one of the best in New York, providing luxurious treatments.
  1. Park Hyatt NYC
  • Location: Midtown
  • Description: Known for its five-star treatment and nostalgic ambiance, Park Hyatt NYC attracts celebrities and discerning travelers alike. The hotel features trendy restaurants and bars, a top-tier swimming pool, and a luxurious Living Room Bar. Guests can indulge in spa treatments for ultimate relaxation.
  1. The Peninsula
  • Location: Midtown East, Fifth Avenue
  • Description: Situated on Fifth Avenue, The Peninsula offers easy access to luxury shopping. This lavish hotel boasts 241 rooms, 50 suites, a spa, an indoor pool, a rooftop bar, and the acclaimed American-inspired restaurant, Clement.
  1. The Kitano
  • Location: Near Grand Central Station, Empire State Building
  • Description: Combining Japanese-style decor with New York’s glitz, The Kitano offers a charming boutique hotel experience. Guests can enjoy Japanese-style green tea, minimalist rooms with bamboo furnishings, and access to the hotel’s supper club and Hakubai restaurant. Conveniently located near Grand Central Station and the Empire State Building.
  1. The Knickerbocker
  • Location: Times Square
  • Description: Formerly the residence of the Rockefeller family, The Knickerbocker offers unbeatable views of the city and easy access to Times Square. The hotel features calming, earthy interiors with modern architecture. It provides a memorable and luxurious stay in the heart of Manhattan.
Best Hotels in Midtown NYC

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Best Hotels in Midtown NYC

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