Explore These Exciting New Broadway Shows of 2024

Broadway in 2024

The 2024 season promises a diverse and exciting lineup of shows on Broadway. From thought-provoking dramas to heartwarming musicals, there’s something for everyone.

Award Winners and Big Stars

Theatergoers can expect to see a number of established actors and actresses grace the stage this year. These include familiar faces from television and film such as Steve Carell, Liev Schreiber, Rachel McAdams, and Jeremy Strong. They will be joined by Broadway veterans like Kelli O’Hara and Brian d’Arcy James.

New Adaptations and Classic Revivals

Several beloved stories are being given new life on stage. There are musical adaptations of popular films like “The Notebook” and “Water for Elephants,” along with a fresh take on the coming-of-age classic “The Outsiders.” Fans of classic musicals can look forward to revivals of “The Who’s Tommy” and “Cabaret.”

  • Award-winning actors like Steve Carell and Rachel McAdams grace the stage in new productions.
  • Classic stories like “The Notebook” and “The Who’s Tommy” get new life on Broadway.
  • Plays explore history (“Patriots”) and social issues (“Suffs”) alongside heartwarming stories.
  • Expect musicals with music by Alicia Keys and featuring the music of Huey Lewis

Bright Lights on Broadway: 2024 promises a star-studded season!

  • See award-winning actors like Steve Carell and Rachel McAdams light up the stage in new productions and revivals.
  • Catch reimagined takes on classic stories like “The Notebook” and “The Who’s Tommy” alongside new works exploring history (“Patriots”) and social issues (“Suffs”).
  • Enjoy a diverse musical season featuring new music by Alicia Keys and classic hits from Huey Lewis

Plays Exploring History and Society

Serious theatergoers will find a number of plays that delve into historical events and social issues. “Patriots” explores the rise of Vladimir Putin, while “Suffs” celebrates the fight for women’s suffrage. “An Enemy of the People” is a new adaptation of a thought-provoking Ibsen play.

Here’s a look at some of the shows opening this year:

  • January
    • “Prayer for the French Republic” – Drama examining family and history
    • “Days of Wine and Roses” – Musical about a couple battling addiction
  • February
    • “Doubt” – Pulitzer Prize-winning drama set in a Catholic school
    • “The Notebook, the musical” – قصة حب (love story) based on a popular novel
    • “Water for Elephants, a new musical” – Show set in a traveling circus
    • “An Enemy of the People” – A doctor fights for his community
    • “My Son’s a Queer (But What Can You Do?)” – Funny and heartwarming play about a parent and child
  • March
    • “The Who’s Tommy, the musical” – Classic rock opera returns to Broadway
    • “The Outsiders, a new musical” – Story of brotherhood and hope
    • “Lempicka” – Pop musical about a famous painter
    • “Suffs” – Musical about the fight for women’s right to vote
    • “The Great Gatsby” – New adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel
    • “The Heart of Rock and Roll” – Romantic musical comedy featuring Huey Lewis’s music
    • “The Wiz” – Reimagined production of the classic “Wizard of Oz” adaptation
  • April
    • “Hell’s Kitchen” – Coming-of-age musical with music by Alicia Keys
    • “Cabaret” – Immersive revival of the classic Kander and Ebb musical
    • “Patriots” – Drama about Vladimir Putin’s rise to power
    • “Mary Jane” – Play about a single mother starring Rachel McAdams
    • “Uncle Vanya” – Steve Carell leads the cast in a new translation of Chekhov’s play
    • “Mother Play” – Play about family starring Jessica Lange and Jim Parsons
    • “Stereophonic” – Intimate musical about the 1970s music industry

Bright Lights on Broadway: 2024 promises a dazzling season!

  • Stars Shine Bright: See award-winning actors like Steve Carell and Rachel McAdams light up the stage.
  • Classic Reimagined: Catch new takes on beloved stories like “The Notebook” and “The Who’s Tommy.”
  • History & Humanity: Explore the past with “Patriots” and grapple with social issues in “Suffs.”
  • Musical Magic: Enjoy a diverse season with new music by Alicia Keys and classic hits from Huey Lewis.
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This is just a sampling of the many shows that are scheduled to open on Broadway in 2024. Be sure to check theater listings for more information and to purchase tickets.

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