The Complete Caviar Guide: How to Eat, Serve, and Store Caviar

Here’s a comprehensive guide to enjoying caviar, covering everything from its types and serving methods to pairing options and storage:

What Is Caviar?
Caviar refers to the eggs harvested from the white sturgeon fish, preserved through the malossol process, which involves curing the eggs with salt. While Beluga caviar is the most renowned type, other varieties such as Kaluga, Siberian, Ossetra, and plain white sturgeon caviar are also available. It’s important to note that true caviar only comes from the white sturgeon, while eggs from other fish, such as salmon or trout, are referred to as roe.

How to Serve Caviar:

  • Keep caviar cold when serving, preferably in a proper caviar server or on ice.
  • Use a spoon made from neutral materials like mother-of-pearl, horn, or wood to avoid imparting a metallic taste.

How to Eat Caviar:

  • Enjoy caviar bumps by placing a small amount on the back of your hand between the knuckles and licking it off after a few seconds to release its flavors.
  • Alternatively, serve caviar on blini with a dollop of crème fraîche for a classic pairing.

What to Drink With Caviar:

  • Traditional pairings include Champagne or sparkling wine (French) and chilled vodka (Russian), but unoaked, dry white wines or certain red wines also complement caviar well.

How to Cook With Caviar:

  • Caviar can be used as a decadent topping for dishes like baked potatoes, raw oysters, pasta, or scrambled eggs. It can also be enjoyed on buttered white bread, a delicacy in Russia.
  • Dehydrated caviar from companies like Caviar Gems can be used in mixology or cooking for added flavor.

The Best Caviar Companies:

  • Some well-known caviar companies include Petrossian, Paramount, Marky’s Caviar, and Caviar Russe, known for their strict quality standards and wide selections.
  • Newer companies like California Caviar Company, Pearl Street Caviar, and Regiis Ova by Thomas Keller offer high-quality caviar options as well.

How Long Does Caviar Last?

  • Unopened caviar can last for several weeks in the refrigerator, but once opened, it should be consumed within a few days to a week to maintain freshness.

With this guide, you can confidently explore and enjoy the luxurious world of caviar, whether at home or in fine dining settings.

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