Top Broadway Shows to Catch in March 2024

“During the previous season, Broadway saw a staggering attendance of 12.8 million individuals, surpassing the combined numbers of spectators at baseball and football games for all four major teams in New York City. Considering the fluctuating performance of teams like the Mets and Yankees, Broadway emerges as the consistent home run hitter in the city.

When it comes to determining the popularity of a show, several factors come into play, predominantly revolving around supply and demand economics. Larger theaters naturally have the potential to generate more revenue, yet smaller venues hosting popular shows often experience heightened demand due to limited seating availability. The following list showcases a blend of shows with the highest percentage of seats sold and those with top grossing figures.

If you’re seeking a gauge to identify buzzworthy shows for water cooler conversations and elusive ticket acquisitions, look no further than the following list:

  1. The Lion King Despite originating from Disney’s animated film and loosely inspired by Hamlet, The Lion King continues to reign supreme at the box office, captivating audiences with its dazzling stagecraft and timeless melodies, even 25 years after its debut.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,666,828 Seats sold: 93.45%

  1. Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking portrayal of Alexander Hamilton’s story injects new life into American history, captivating audiences with its innovative blend of hip-hop and historical narrative, consistently packing the Richard Rodgers Theater since its 2015 premiere.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,656,990 Seats sold: 99.38%

  1. Wicked Defying expectations and gravity itself, Wicked’s prequel narrative to The Wizard of Oz has shattered box office records for nearly two decades at the Gershwin Theater, challenging perceptions of good and evil.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,602,195 Seats sold: 99.06%

  1. Merrily We Roll Along Stephen Sondheim’s once-forgotten gem from 1981 finds renewed success with a star-studded cast, including Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff, and Tony Award-winner Lindsay Mendez, resonating with audiences decades after its initial debut.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,517,469 Seats sold: 100%

  1. MJ The Musical Crafting a compelling narrative around Michael Jackson’s iconic discography and his famed 1992 Dangerous tour, MJ The Musical delivers a first-rate theatrical experience.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,317,468 Seats sold: 94.49%

  1. Moulin Rouge! The Musical Bringing Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic masterpiece to life on stage, Moulin Rouge! captivates audiences with its blend of romance and an eclectic soundtrack featuring iconic hits reimagined for the stage.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,119,593 Seats sold: 97.82%

  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Continuing J.K. Rowling’s magical saga, this epic stage adaptation enchants audiences with its spellbinding narrative, maintaining its status as the most popular non-musical production on Broadway.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,113,052 Seats sold: 92.33%

  1. Aladdin Transporting audiences to a whole new world with its blend of magic and music, Aladdin offers a captivating stage adaptation of Disney’s beloved animated classic.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,068,374 Seats sold: 93.39%

  1. & Juliet Reimagining the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet, this musical adaptation explores alternate outcomes for Juliet, captivating audiences with its fresh take on a classic love story.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $1,010,599 Seats sold: 98.56%

  1. Back to the Future: The Musical Bringing beloved characters and iconic moments from the 1984 movie classic to the stage, this musical adaptation offers a nostalgic journey for audiences, particularly appealing to Gen Xers and their families.

Gross for the week ending 2/4: $953,045 Seats sold: 91.05%”

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